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Motion Capture Post Processing Reel

We can process Body Tracking, Body Retargeting, Facial Tracking, Facial Retargeting And Quadraped data also, we can process Optical Data / Marker less data any capture system like Vicon, Optitrack , Qualisys, Xsens, Rokoko & Perception Neuron.

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Facial Post Processing Reel

We can process facial tracking and retargeting with (makerless data H.M.C data capture system like Vicon-cara, Faceware, Face-good, Dynamixyz .

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Quadruped Motion Capture Reel

We have an ability to understand the feeling of action the difference between human data and animal data, we know human data how it works where problem is there can find everything and that to Quadraped animal data might be tuff to understand  the action, but we know to find any problem can find giving accurate quality. 

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