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Motion Capture

Data Processing Services

Motion Capture Outsourcing Services

AAS Provides High quality and Professional Motion Capture service

AAS combine a technical and artist expertise to help us in delivering the best service

About Us

Apple arts Studios is an outsource company that provides High Quality motion Capture services for your studio.

We work closely with motion capture specialists who have extensive experience and are dedicated to offering you the best service to meet higher demand and quality control standards.


Based in Hyderabad, India, we have structured our company to maintain overhead costs and ensure competitive pricing without compromising quality.

We dedicate a team to your project needs, and our workflow makes us reliable and flexible.

Our team based on many Years of experience on Games/Movies/TV/Commercials help your studio to control your data quality and service reliability.

Advantages of impulse System

Real-time tracking of multiple subjects & objects

Patented active marker technology eliminates marker-swapping for cleaner data

Track very high speed motion at up to 120 frames per second

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Shoot Days


Countries World Wide

Our Partners

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Apple Arts Studios empowers clients to grow as needed. We become part of our clients’ business and can scale up or down to meet the requirements for any given project. Think of us as part of the team, just working out of a different office.

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