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Apple Art Studios offers a range of motion capture services to customers in animation, visual effects for film and television and gaming industries.

Full time staff of 20 technicians and artists to ensure your projects get delivered at the highest quality and on schedule.

Complete prop and set construction unit onsite for all your project needs.

Exclusive data only cleanup services with an expandable team to meet your specifications and demands.

Web based client \ project portal ensuring secure data access and transfer.

Apple Art Studios is committed to providing value added motion capture services to its customers on schedule, on budget and at the best quality.

Team has a combined expertise that spans films, animation, television, gaming, and technology industries. With offices in Hyderabad, India, we have access to some of the country's best technical and artistic talent.

Apple Art Studios is a well rounded organization with a dedicated and experienced team of technicians, designers and artistes to ensure quality and timeliness of projects.

Character creation for labelling for your retargetting.

Cleanup service for Body/Face, from Ingame animations to cinematics/Stunts

Focusing on marker data only, tracking is the first step of post process in the Motion Capture pipeline. Each marker on the actor's suit is picked up by our expert trackers who quality control each one through every single frame of data. At this stage, common issues such as jitter and occlusion are addressed and rectified. Once the marker cloud has been tracked, it can then be solved to the game character. The goal of the tracking department is to ensure a strong start to post-production and uphold the guarantee that our marker data reflects the exact performance during its transition into the digital world.

Our pipeline can ensure you clean data reconstruction and labelling on muliple characters with props on set

After Cleaning the data, our team is able to retarget the motion to an Actor clone and retarget the motion to your character in Motion builder/Maya/3DsMax.


A character cannot move without the use of its skeleton. Using the latest and best bio-mechanical tools in the industry, our solving team maintains performances on the actor's digital counterpart, regardless of shape and size. Simply put, our solving team ensures that what an actor does on stage is what a character does in game.

Motion Editing

Effectively the "puzzle solvers" of the studio, our team of veteran motion capture editors are the first to set the stage for game cinematics. Using assets from every production department, they create the scene, providing the characters a set, a voice and a performance. Then when it is time for the character to interact in the game world, they bring the game characters to life creating hundreds of motions that can looped, blended and ready for action.

To deliver full performance, and create a previzualisation of the capture, we can also integrate sound and camera for a blocking pass.

APPLE ARTS STUDIOS can provide animation editing, game production has a high demand in character edition so the team can deliver animation directly for your engine, Pose to Pose, loop Animation, Props animation and finger editing.